Detroit Rugby Football Club (DRFC)

Players Code of Conduct


Athletes represent DRFC in a special, visible way. Therefore, it is appropriate to hold high expectations for appropriate conduct in and out of rugby events, on and off the playing field, as a host or guest of an opponent, and in activities in public.  Conduct that does not contribute to team cooperation and self-discipline and/or reflects unfavorably on the team or club may be reason for the officers of the club to temporarily suspend or permanently dismiss an athlete from participation in all club events.  Detroit Rugby Football Club expects all teams and players to abide by the following code of conduct:


1) Players who represent their teams are ambassadors of their club, as well as the game of rugby in general. As such, each player is expected to be on good, responsible behavior at all times, both on and off the field.

2) Players should not exhibit obnoxious, impolite or antisocial behavior (dangerous play) of any sort that would adversely affect the image of the game as a serious and disciplined endeavor. This includes verbal abuse of opponents by players or their supporters.

3) A player must not before, during or after a match threaten or address a referee or touch judge in insulting terms, or act in a provocative manner towards a fellow player, referee or touch judge.

4) All players and supporters must respect the ground rules that are in effect at any particular match, such as prohibitions against having alcohol and drugs on school grounds and in public parks.

5) Participation in Fundraisers: Part of building teamwork is done through supporting your team and club.  Supporting the club can be defined as cheering at games or participating in fundraisers to raise money for YOUR club.  Since there are financial responsibilities to playing the sport of rugby, it is crucial that all team members participate in any fundraising event.  This will help that the teams of the club have enough funds to, pay dues to Unions that the club is a part of, go to tournaments, reach the clubs goal of having land owned and purchase any needed supplies.  If there were some reason that a club member would not be able to participate in a fundraising event, this would need to be discussed, prior to the fundraising event, with the event organizer, officer, or head coach so that other arrangements can be made.


7)  The DRFC is not responsible for club member’s actions outside of these rules of conduct.  In the event of inappropriate actions, the club member will be held responsible NOT the club both legally and financially.


Violations of this code of conduct will be immediately addressed by the DRFC officers of the club. Sanctions decided on by the DRFC officers will be enforced by the committee and appropriate coaching staff.


I understand that my participation in DRFC competition is dependent upon my signature on this document and by my actions at all matches and team functions.




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