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Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame

The mission of the DRFC Hall of Fame is to celebrate the history, honor the heroes, inspire the youth and preserve the legacy of Detroit Rugby.

The inductees can be players, coaches, benefactors, supporters and/or teams that have positively promoted , supported and inspired the legacy of Detroit Rugby over the years.

The Hall of Fame committee sends out a solicitation to the general DRFC rugby population for Hall of Fame nominations. Starting in 2016 All nominations must be received by the 20th of December, so that a committee of Hall of Fame Trustees and Directors can then review all nominations and vote, narrowing the pool, until 5-6 candidates are chosen as the following years induction class. Induction classes are announced each January at the Annual DRFC banquet.  There will also be 1 nominee chosen from the President and committee chairperson as well.

Please send any questions to me at Mike Gangler


John Mullet

Jim Craft

Sherrie Ingham


Katie Scott

The DRFC Women’s team is a success story. Like any story, it is important to look at the beginning. For those of us who played or are playing for DRFC Women’s team, our story begins with Katie Scott. Katie was the founder of the Detroit Women’s Rugby Team. Thanks to her and other forward-thinking members of the DRFC, the womens team became an integral part of the club. Because of her efforts, as well as her continual support of DRFCW. She was the women who organized the DRFC women’s team back in 1998,1999? Been so long I can’t remember exactly!

Heather O’Hagan

I know for certain that the women’s team would not have had the quick and phenomenal success without her expertise, leadership and skill. I truly believe the merge of the UofM/Ann Arbor with DRFCW would never have happened without her nod of approval. Although I was blessed to be a co-captain with Heather, make no mistake…I looked to her for every decision or strategic move as she always seemed to know the right thing to do, the right direction to go. She never, ever let down. She’d be leading the pack in ruck then 30 meters later, be the one in support of the backs. Passing the ball off to Heather was always a relief…you knew it was in great hands. She was the fierce, capable, smart, reliable backbone of our team.

Jim “JK” Kennedy

JK is inducted for his consistent leadership and commitment to DRFC and excellence in coaching. JK has been a leader both on the field and off the field. As a player, he was the player that lead by example and was always first to the ruck and last off the field. Off the field he was the leader in the coaching and a person that provided inspiration and spirit.

Larry Vertel

Larry was inducted for his versatile and one of the most durable ruggers that I played the game at DRFC. Larry would play the front row, second row, flanker or 8-man as call to do on game day. Played A-side or B-side as well—again as called for, without complaint. In one of my first seasons with the club Larry played 3 consecutive matches against Windsor RFC, A-side, B-side and a third match that I cannot remember specifically if a C-side or something else. Truly an iron-man. As much as he was committed to playing on the pitch, Larry was also committed to the club off-the-pitch as well as an officer. Larry held many positions including Treasurer for many years. Larry is truly a leader both on the field and off the field.

Alan Tait

Alan was inducted because of his excellence as a Premier DRFC Player, Midwest and Michigan Select player, Coach and Leader for the club for many years. Alan was nominated and supported by many people with the club and I agree with all the others that your contributions have been instrumental to DRFC and worthy of your nomination.


Jessica Schell

Jessica Schell changed the mentality and dynamic of the DRFCW. She lead by example and taught the team and others that the DRFCW was to be taken seriously on and off the pitch. Jess was a co-captain every year she played and was one of the leaders in two national championships. She was a big proponent of supporting the club at all levels (except when she dated Goat) I could go on and on and on about Jess but I would just be preaching to the choir.

Dr. Al McKendrick

Nominated by Tom Budisak and Old Timers Committee – Dr Al, again was there both as a player and financial support. you could always count on Al to help when needed and was there to support some of the rugby families during their time of need. he was a great help when I lost my mother and I know he helped the Ray’s during their time of need. a true humanitarian.
Dr. Al was not a founder, but an influential member who acted as our coach and fitness taskmaster for many seasons. He offered his home for social functions on many occasions, stitched up many a wound on the sidelines, and was a steady hooker with a bad attitude.

Chip Visci

Chip played his early Rugby at Ohio State. After joining the DRFC he was an active participant including activities. He served as Captain, and other officer positions. As an editor with the Detroit Free Press he was able to get us a bit of publicity. A columnist on his staff, Nicki McWirter(sp) wrote a nice article about our being sanctioned by the United Nations for hosting a Club from S. Africa in the early 80’s.

Randal Peart

Our strongest consensus nominee for the Hall is Randall Peart. Randal is one of the original organizers of the DRFC. He was also our A side fullback for a number of years until a concussion ended his playing days. Randall was a steady influence from his position, saving us many, many times and coming into the back line as opportunity arose. He was basically a coach on the pitch and deserving of recognition as a founder, early mentor for many, and all around ambassador for our club. One of the DRFC Founders, then a Ford Motor Co. engineer, and one of the very best fullbacks playing union rugby. Nobody could pinpoint kick for touch and be the never miss last tackler like Randall. He made the 35th year reunion and brought his son who was then playing for the Washington (D.C.) RFC.

Scott Larry

Scott, has been selected as a Premier DRFC Supporter over 25 years. Each year he has been there for the rugby club with generous donations, support and helping out the club.


Stan VanTiem

Stan was instrumental in the early years of DRFC both as a player and club officer. He also ran the Stroh’s tournament for several years. As a teammate, friend and human being he has few equals. He is also one of the funniest f***ers you will ever meet.

Blair Glough

Blair was one of the guys who welcomed me to the club. He took me as a rookie and helped me learn the game and traditions. As a player, he was level headed, opportunistic, and never made mistakes. He was a player you could always count on. Blair’s contributions as a player and coach still pale to Blair, the person. I am fortunate to have him as a friend. He is a person who I know I can count on if I ever needed him. If Blair does not exemplify what it means to be a Hall of Fame for the DRFC, then there should not be one.

Mike Gangler

Mike has been a club stalwart for around 30 years, as an A-side player, Old Boy’s player and Club Officer. He has contributed to the club in many ways. For the past several years he has been the DOGS representative and coordinator, arranging games and other events, and keeping communications flowing. He has also been vital in the role of webmaster, transforming the DRFC site when it was stagnating on old technology, and creating and managing a Facebook page to assist with outreach to the DOGS. His are the brains behind the Hall of Fame, taking it from concept to reality. It is high time that Mike took his place in the Hall of Fame.


Dan “Stump” Moore

Past president, player, sponsor and person who guided the club through the Mid-80’s as the president of the club and during the 70’s as a premier player. He guided the club through a time the DRFC was at its all time low in the mid-90’s to a stable and vibrant club. Both on the field and off the field he lead by example and worked hard and played hard. He continues to support the club by volunteering, mentoring and still playing Old Boys. Stump and his wife Amanda also hosted many memorable pig roasts and were gracious hosts for many years.

Howard Kuschick

Past Player, Coach, Sponsor and Supporter. Howard was another player who lead by example on and off the field and the whole team and club has benefited from his leadership and playing ability. During the 70’s, the front row consisting of Howard and Stump (And Dave Hawkins) was the best front row in the mid-west (If not the country). Howard was the first women’s coach, during the years they could barely field a team. He has supported the club for many years by providing funds, and volunteering. He is always one of the first people who volunteer for Fish Fries, events and games. Not only has he provided leadership with the DRFC but Howard is a retired Army Officer who graduated from West point and served overseas for our country.

Dave Skidmore

While Dave is well-recognized for his accomplishments with the women’s teams, he has served the DRFC in many ways. Of course, he was a long-term player on the teams. He played for the old boys teams. Dave served in a number of capacities for the DRFC as an officer, including president. He assisted with fund-raisers for the women’s teams, including organizing car washes to help fund our expenses. As for as inspiring the youth in the community, Dave has been a head coach for girls high school rugby for over ten years. He has introduced the sport to hundreds of young women.

John Forrest

John was the captain of DFRC’s excellent teams in the early 1970s. He was 6′ 5″ and a highly skilled #8
who lead by example by always hustling and challenging his teammates to follow on to victory for the DRFC. Off the field, John always wore a cherubic smile and dramatically lead post game party DRFC choruses in traditional rugby songs, contorted English nursery rhymes, and fractured Anglican hymns. After John’s death in Kansas several years ago, some 20 former teammates got on a conference call to recount John’s leadership, playing ability, and forging DRFC team spirit and unity. Please do not forget the heroes of yesteryear. John Forrest was a DRFC icon.


Rick Ray

Past president, player, sponsor and person who first established the DRFC as a club. He provided many governance processes and organization that we currently use and was provided the glue that kept the club going in the 80’s and 90’s.

2003, 2004 Woman’s Rugby Team

National Champions (2003, 2004)– they were the first team to win a national championship and provided template of what a championship team should represent. They have won 3 championships in the last 10 years and advanced to division Please send a team photo of 2003 or 2004 to

Larry Busch

A premier player who was a Michigan select player and an instrumental player in the 70’s and 80’s. He provided not only a template of what a player embody but also was the team leader on and off the field.

Rick Griswold

Player, sponsor, and DRFC Supporter. As a player he was a premier back and played in many games injured and in pain. Not only was he a good player, but he has been our longest sponsor who not only provided money to the club, but also his bar – “4 green fields” as a unofficial club house of the club for over 20 years.

Gareth Davies

Player, Officer, Sponsor. As a player 20 years ago, he was a premier forward and a player who provided leadership on and off the field. As a long time sponsor, he has always provided money and support. Lastly, he was one person who made the DRFC from a Team into a club. He has provided leadership in the bad times and good times and always provided the cohesiveness that the club has needed.

Dave Hawkins

Player, Coach – he was probably the tiniest prop that ever played for the club, but without a doubt our best prop / forward that has played with DRFC (Pound for pound). He participated on many As a coach, he had the leadership, respect and guidance of every player that played for him. He directed the DRFC to many winning seasons and is currently a winning coach in South Carolina where he currently resides.