President Gareth Davies President@detroitrugby.org
Vice President Nick Kidd njkidd@charter.net
Treasurer Tim Cowley Treasurer@detroitrugby.org
Secretary Richard Angell secretary@detroitrugby.org
Member at Large Liam Hacker liamhacker@yahoo.com
Marketing and Social Media Derek VanVleck Derek.j.vanvleck@gmail.com
Old Boys Rep Mike Gangler dogs@detroitrugby.org
Social Secretary Open
Womans Fields Secretary Lindsey Mancini Linseymancini@hotmail.com
Mens Fields Secretary Liam Hacker liamhacker@yahoo.com
Youth Coordinator Open
Fundraising and Sponsorship Joe Moody jwmoody2@gmail.com
Old Girls Rep – (DOLS) Keely Hamilton keeham7@aol.com
Equipment Manager Sarah “Opie” Kuchenreuther equipment@detroitrugby.org
Web Content Mike Gangler webmaster@detroitrugby.org


Head Coach                            Richard Angell                   coach-men@detroitrugby.org
Men’s Team Rep                            James Mott                   jamesianmott@yahoo.com
Fixtures – Men                            Jordan Foster                  fixtures-men@detroitrugby.org


Head Coach        Erin Mcgowan   coach-women@detroitrugby.org
Women’s Team Rep         Brittany Salter  salte2ba@gmail.com
Fixtures – Women             Molly Foley   fixtures-women@detroitrugby.org

Merchandise items are available for pick up at the DRFC Clubhouse. If you're in the area don't pay for shipping, stop in! Contact Amy at equipment@detroitrugby.org to make arrangements. Dismiss